The World Hunger Shindig
Season 1, Episode 9
Jem 09 The World Hunger Shindig

Jem 09 The World Hunger Shindig

Air date July 26th, 1986
Written by Mary Skrenes
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The World Hunger Shindig is the ninth episode of the first season, and the 9th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Jem and The Holograms are invited to perform at the World Hunger Shindig, a concert benefiting the victims of world hunger. When the Misfits learn about this, they try to horn in. Sally Brand, organizer of the concert, tells them they can perform, but can't be on the live album unless another group backs out. Eric Raymond schemes to keep the Holograms away from the concert and to make a tidy sum of money for himself in the process.

Songs featured


  • Miss Sally: Y'all get enough to eat? That's good, I don't like nobody to be hungry.

  • Pizzazz [to Shawn]: It's been a year since I saw you in that crummy little club in London. You still into fighting all comers?
  • Shawn Harrison: Not anymore, ole girl. So run along.

  • Miss Sally: (to Jem after performing "We Can Make A Difference") The Shindig's in two days. Go rest them pipes.

  • Eric: Hey! One of those rooms is mine, two of you will have to share.
  • Misfits: (Throw pillows and blankets out of the doors) No way!

  • Pizzazz: And we mean to tell ya; charity begins at home!



  • Kimber's hair turns pink twice in this episode.


  • At the end of this episode, there is a 35 second rock video of "We Can Make A Difference".
  • Sean Harrison is introduced as an old acquaintance of Pizzazz.
  • This was the first episode to not be a part of a multi-episode storyline. The next episodes that were in more than one part were those that conformed The Music Awards saga.
  • In the Rhino DVD release there was an audio problem with the recap of "We Can Make A Difference", causing the voices not to be heard during the song.
  • Sean Harrison is Kimber's second love interest in the show after Jeff Wright.
  • Zipper's hair color is noticeably black in this episode and onward, instead of his usual blond hair.
  • Pizzazz hints that Sean may have had a totally different personality back when he used to hang out with her, implied by her statement: "You (Sean) used to like good music. You used to have guts."