The Rock Fashion Book
Season 1, Episode 15
Jem 15 The Rock Fashion Book

Jem 15 The Rock Fashion Book

Air date September 27th, 1986
Written by Rick Merwin
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The Rock Fashion Book is the fifteenth episode of the first season, and the 15th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Jem and The Holograms are approached by Robert Arlington, a high profile publisher who offers them a opportunity to appear in a rock music-themed fashion book. The Misfits learn of this and try to upstage the Holograms' book by creating their own.

When their initial attempt fails, the Misfits try to ruin the book outright, but with no success. Eventually, Pizzazz persuades her father to buy the rights to the book, putting the Misfits in charge of the project.

Songs featured


  • Pizzazz: (reading about Jem and The Holograms' daring rescue) Do you believe this???
  • Roxy: (sarcastically) Great publicity.
  • Clash: Yeah, for the wrong band!

  • Roxy: Look, I'm a rock star, not a rock climber!

  • Harvey Gabor: (after seeing the photos that Pizzazz had in her hands) After getting me to invest in the Fashion Book, you sabotage me! Me, your own father!!!

  • Roxy: (After hearing about Jem's rock fashion book) Those no-talent turkeys!

  • Ticket Vendor: That'll be 10 dollars,please.
  • Clash: (She pays the vendor and gets her ticket) Oh, prices sure have gone up.

  • Kimber: (About the dolphins) They're so cute. I want one.
  • Jem: Sure, you could keep it in the bathtub.

  • Pizzazz: You take the pictures for a while Roxy and then Stormer can take some.
  • Roxy: But if I'm taking pictures then I'm not in them.
  • Pizzazz: So what! There will be plenty of pictures of both of you.
  • Stormer: When do you take pictures, Pizzazz?
  • Pizzazz: I don't! You got a problem with that?
  • Stormer: Just asking.


  • Right before Clash is caught by the man in the white car, her dress doesn't have the purple and blue lines on it. The lines are also gone when Clash and the Misfits are sitting in the waiting area.
  • During "We Can Change It", one of the pictures shown from the photo-shoots shows Jerrica, but Jerrica was never supposed to be at the shoot.
  • The fashion contest from In Stitches is referenced.
  • Factual error: Killer whales aren't deadly.