The Jem Jam (Part 2)
Season 1, Episode 24
Jem 24 The Jem Jam Pt 2

Jem 24 The Jem Jam Pt 2

Air date February 15th, 1987
Written by Christy Marx
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The Jem Jam (Part 2) is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season, and the 24th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Jem saves Luna Dark from Pizzazz's guard dogs and The Misfits plot to ruin the Jem Jam with help from Techrat. Meanwhile, Ba Nee goes to great lengths to prove that Randy is her father. Also, Krissie finds out Dominic is not as tough as he seems to be.

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Techrat: My gimmick. My beautiful gimmick. You ruined it.
Pizzazz: You said this was safe.
Roxy: We're going to break your heads.

Krissie (to Dominic): Who do you think you are?
Dominic: I'm Dominic. The slick, the cool, the hip.
Krissie: The nasty, the loud, the conceited.
Dominic: Listen, I'm a star, baby.
Krissie: Not in this house.

(While the Misfits are inside the dog kennel)
Stormer: Call them off.
Pizzazz: I can't.
Roxy: What do you mean, you can't.
Pizzazz: (on the ground) My father's the only one who can control them.
Stormer: So when's he coming home?
Pizzazz: Monday.
Roxy: Monday. (grabbing Pizzazz by the jacket and shaking her) But today's Friday.

Lena: (about Ba Nee) She sure has a crush on Randy.
Kimber: (in the pool) I hope she isn't bothering him.
Johnny: Nah. He thinks she's sweet.

Dominic (to Krissie): Hey you.
Krissie: My name is Krissie.
Dominic: Wash these. (hands her some clothes) Then polish these. (hands her his shoes)

(After Dominic listened to Ashley, Deidre, Lela and Becky play)
Dominic: Man, that was awful. The absolute puts. Yuck.
Deidre: Nobody asked you, meat head.
Ashley: We may not be good now, but we'll work at it until we are.

Anne (about Dominic): Who's he kidding. He almost drowned.
Krissie: He's afraid to admit he can't do something.

Anne: Dominic, can you swim?
Dominic: Of course I can swim.
Anne: So, come on in.
Dominic: I wouldn't go in the same ocean that she'd (points to Krissie) been in.

Techrat: (to Pizzazz) I've told you never to touch my gadgets.

Randy: Ba Nee, listen. You're a very sweet little girl, but I can't take you with me.
Ba Nee: But you have to. You're my father!

Jerrica (to Ba Nee): It's all right now.
Ba Nee: I wanted a father so much.


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