For the song, see Straight From The Heart (song).
Straight from the Heart
Season 3, Episode 9
Jem and the Holograms - I've Been Looking Everywhere For You

Jem and the Holograms - I've Been Looking Everywhere For You

Air date February 17th, 1988
Written by Buzz Dixon
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Straight From the Heart (also known as Your 15 Minutes Are Up) is the ninth episode of the third season, and the 62nd episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


A new fashion designer, Regine Cesaire, comes to town and starts working with Jem and The Holograms. When they initially reject her designs, her frustration turns her to the glamour of The Stingers. However, they soon take advantage of her and eventually cast her aside. Repented, she then returns to The Holograms, asking for another opportunity.

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  • When Countess Du Voisin is talking about who Regine Cesaire is, Shana starts looking around her; her expression denotes she's found the person she was looking for, winks an eye and smiles at him/her. However, no one is introduced at all and in the next shot, she acts as if nothing had happened.
    • It could be speculated that a scene where another character was introduced, was removed from the final cut; someone important to Shana, like Anthony.
  • Right before the music video for "It Depends On The Mood I'm In", Kimber is wearing her "Set Your Sails" outfit, but as soon as the song starts, she is wearing her purple suit.
  • When Countess Du Voisin's butler brings an invitation for Regine on a tray and she picks it up, a copy of the invitation remains on the tray and another in Regine's hands. Additionally, the hair behind her can be seen through the tray and her body.
  • There is a possible episode goof since Regine was introduced in this episode but was mentioned in The Day the Music Died a few episodes before.