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Ba Nee, Ashley and Krissie.

The Starlight Girls are a group of foster girls living in the Starlight Mansion. Their principal caretakers are the Benton family, along with some employees and associates.


The foster house is mainly benefited by the raisings made by the Starlight Foundation, which was created for this sole purpose. Some of the main sustenance sources the foundation has are from making diverse events to raise money, as well as the profits made by their main benefactor, the rock band Jem and The Holograms.

The main caretakers of the girls are the two surviving Benton sisters, Jerrica and Kimber, along with long time company employee, Mrs. Bailey.

When the series started, the girls initially lived in the Benton's house, properly named Starlight House for Foster Girls. When the house was burned down,[1] the girls were transferred to the Starlight Mansion, where they stay for the rest of the series. From that day onward, the mansion was also known as "Starlight House".

The Starlight Girls

Mrs. Bailey

Main article: Mrs. Bailey

Mrs. Bailey has served as housemother to the Starlight House for an unspecified number of years. A motherly, sensible fixture, she cooks for the girls and tends to their daily needs. She also consults with Jerrica on the management and finances of the house. She is not aware of either Synergy or Jerrica's secret identity as Jem.



  • Because Shana and Aja were also living in the Starlight House when growing up, along with Jerrica and Kimber, they all could arguably be considered to be "Starlight Girls" as well (even if Jerrica and Kimber weren't foster girls themselves).
  • Ashley, Ba Nee and Krissie were made into dolls.
  • The Starlight Girls were introduced in the series first and then made into dolls. It is possible that this was the reason why the other Starlight Girls were not seen in the books, comics or other non-cartoon/doll related Jem projects.
  • It was often criticized that Jem gave a false, glamorized version of lifestyle in the foster care system.


  1. As seen in the episode The Beginning.
  2. Only in the episode Alone Again. She's not seen again for the rest of the series.
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