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The Rockin' Roadster, also known simply as the Roadster, is an old-fashioned car and primary form of transportation for Jem and The Holograms. It was first discovered in the first episode at an old drive-in purchased by Emmett Benton and, like the rest of the company, it was a gift to his daughters before passing away.

While Jerrica (as herself or as Jem) has been seen driving it on occasion, it is Aja who is the resident chauffeur, thus it's her the one more often seen driving it. Other people who have been seen driving the toaster include Shana, Kimber and Raya.


The original Roadster is portrayed as an open, four-seated car with a traditional design, having a 1900s appearance. On its debut, the body of the car was a lemon-yellow with hot-pink, full-bodied wings and thick, whitewall tires. During the Glitter 'n Gold era, the style of the Roadster remained, with only the body color changed to white and the wings with a lighter pink coloring.

Glitter 'n Gold Roadster

Glitter 'n Gold Roadster - 01

The Glitter 'n Gold Roadster is a golden version of the Rockin' Roadster owned by Jem and The Holograms. It was being given away as a prize during the episode Glitter and Gold.


Not much is known about this vehicle, but when it was being displayed as a prize during a band contest, both The Misfits and The Holograms desired to win it. When the final day of the contest came, both bands had sold half a million albums and the next album to sell would decide the winning band. In the end, it was The Holograms that won the contest and the vehicle, leaving Pizzazz to throw a fit over losing.

Toy commercials

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  • The Rockin' Roadster was released as a toy in 1986.[1]
  • When the car was discovered, the name "Jem" was already shown as the hood ornament. This is also true for the Glitter 'n Gold Roadster.
  • The Rockin' Roadster has been damaged several times in the series.
  • Based on the toy version, the Roadster may have a detachable roof.
  • As with most of the toyline, the Roadster was featured in numerous commercials featuring short songs.
  • Chronologically, the first time the Roadster actually appeared was in Out of the Past, when it was being stored away for later.


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