Riot Mike

Full name

Rory Llewelyn




Lead vocalist of The Stingers


Stingers Sound


Mr. Llewelyn (father)
Mildred Llewelyn (mother)

Voiced by

Townsend Coleman
Kath Soucie (as a child)

Singing voice

Gordon Grody


"I am the perfect man."

For the IDW comics character, see Riot (comics).

Rory Llewelyn, better known by his stage name, Riot, is the lead singer of The Stingers.


Riot is charming but aloof and arrogant. He is confident with his looks, believing he is the perfect man. He commands respect and demands devotion from his band mates and fans. He is aware of the power he has over people and uses it to get what he wants. Riot's romantic interest in the show is Jem; he believes she is the perfect woman and pursues her relentlessly. However, his vain personality likely stems from his abusive father who disapproved his son's interest in music during his childhood, as well as a brief period of poverty in the streets along with his bandmates; as a result, he relies and deeply cares for them.

Early life

Riot grew up in a strict household with his mother and Army officer father who tried to force his values onto him. He displayed natural musical talent at a young age that his mother encouraged, teaching him to play the piano and buying him his first guitar. His father saw it as a sign of weakness and strongly discouraged it, to the point of destroying Riot's first guitar. To escape his father's stronghold, Riot joined the Army but was deeply unhappy, only finding comfort by watching the band Nirvana perform, where Minx was a member. He joined the band as a back-up guitarist when the old one quit, taking on the stage name "Riot". Riot joined the band on tour all over Europe, until they returned to Germany and Riot got arrested for going AWOL.

After receiving a dishonorable discharge from the Army, he was sent back to the States. Riot attempted to return home to explain his situation to his parents. His father declared that Riot was no son of his and wasn't welcome in their home. Riot worked odd jobs to get the money he needed to return to Germany and to Nirvana, but shortly after returning, he caused tensions as his guitar-playing overshadowed the lead singer. Deciding no one would tell him what to do anymore, Riot quit Nirvana to start his own band and Minx accompanied him. Rapture soon joined them and The Stingers were born.

Riot and his band mates struggled to find paying shows, having to perform and even live on the streets for at least one winter. They worked their way to the top and eventually became a huge hit in Germany before getting offered to play at Le Klub Kool in the States.



Animated series

In Series Fashions



  • Riot's original name was to be "Chaos".
  • It's revealed that Riot was a soldier, but he soon joined a band called Nirvana.
  • In the episode, The Stingers Hit Town (Part 1), he said he went to high school with Minx in West Germany. In a later episode, it is revealed he met Minx at a club while she was performing with Nirvana.
  • Riot owns half of Stingers Sound with the other part being in the ownership of Eric Raymond.
  • Riot has excellent forgery skills according to Minx in The Day the Music Died.
  • Along with Minx and Rapture, there was a Riot doll that was still in the developing stages but never got released due to the toy line getting canceled.
  • In 2013, Integrity Toys created a commemorative doll line which included the Riot, Rapture, Minx and other dolls.
  • Other than Eric, Riot, Minx and Rapture were the only main characters in the series not to be made into dolls.
  • Riot can speak fluent German, considering the time he spent there.
  • According to Minx, Riot's grandfather was a Welsh coal miner. This may indicate Riot is of Welsh descent.