For the IDW comics character, see Rapture (comics).
Rapture Mike

Full name

Phoebe Ashe




Guitarist and backup vocalist for The Stingers


Stingers Sound

Voiced by

Ellen Gerstell

Singing voice

Vicki Sue Robinson


"Do not let this trouble you, my friends. Everything you desire will come to pass, it is your destiny!"

Phoebe Ashe, better known by her stage name, Rapture, is the main guitarist of The Stingers. She joined the band in Germany after Riot and Minx left Nirvana.


Rapture grew up with divorced parents. She would be spending nine months with her mother, a real-estate saleswoman in San Francisco. Her father is a neurologist and she would spend three months in the summer with him in Chicago, Illinois.

Joining Riot and Minx in Germany, Rapture makes up the third member of the "Golden Triumvirate", performing as the main guitarist for the band and providing backup vocals. Rapture is a skilled con-artist and is quite knowledgeable in matters of the occult. She uses that knowledge to further her own agenda, and often that of the Stingers as well.

Rapture maneuvered herself into a position to exchange a "chunk of crummy quartz" that she got from Pizzazz, for a bracelet made of gold and diamonds.[1] She bilked several Greek townspeople out of their money pretending to be an oracle.[2] She persuaded Mrs. Farnsworth to let the Stingers play at the charity concert by pretending to channel the spirit of Harry Houdini.[3]

While self-centered and arrogant, Rapture is intelligent, quick-thinking, and has a great deal of performance ability to pull off her scams. She cares greatly for her bandmates and willingly takes orders from Riot on a business level – she knows all too well that his charm and charisma will take him places where she wants to go too.



Animated series

In Series Fashion



  • Rapture scams people through false astral forces and divination.
  • Rapture has an extraordinarily close relationship with Minx and Riot, her fellow bandmates.
  • In 2013, Integrity Toys created a commemorative doll line which included Rapture, Riot, Minx and other dolls.
  • Rapture pretends to be kind to make people trust her.
  • In the episode The Day the Music Died, Rapture states about Riot that she "knew we belonged together". This may imply she has an unconfirmed infatuation for him.
  • In the Portuguese dub of Jem, Rapture's name was changed to "Ecstasy".
  • Rapture's original name was going to be "Fantasy".
  • Rapture's singing voice was provided by famous actress and singer Vicki Sue Robinson (1954-2000), best known for her 1976 hit "Turn the Beat Around".
  • Just like Jetta, Rapture is known for telling lies, although her deceptive nature excels Jetta's as her victims usually fall for it.


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