Limp lizards

Limp Lizards' self-titled album

The Limp Lizards are an all-girl music band introduced in the episode The Beginning. They don't have any dialogues throughout the series, although they make cameos in a few episodes, generally taking part in montages showcasing popular bands in the Jem universe.


The Limp Lizards are conformed by four members, each with a distinctive hair color. Their stage outfits are always either snake or lizard-skin-themed and none of their names are ever mentioned in the series. Their logo portrays a lizard among the band's name, imagery which can also be seen depicted on the band's bass drum.

Their lineup is:

  • The blonde with long, straight hair is the main vocalist and also plays the guitar. She appears to be the leader of the band.
  • The brunette also plays the guitar. She may be the main guitarist of the group.
  • The girl with spiky, pitch-black hair also plays the guitar (may be a bass guitar by the way she sometimes holds it).
  • The redhead plays the drums.


The Limp Lizard's first appearance is in the episode The Beginning, where they can be seen performing their one-hit-wonder "Broken Glass" in a small music contest in the park, arranged by Eric Raymond.

Their next important appearance happens in the episode The Bands Break Up, where they can be found performing at The Scene night club. After their act, the owner of the club notices Kimber and Stormer among the audience and insists them to perform together. While Kimber and Stormer pick up their instruments, synthesizer and keytar respectively, the Limp Lizards provide the rest of the music and backup vocals while the duo performs the song "I'm Okay".

In the same episode, when the Holograms sing "Gettin' Down To Business" to promote the Kimber & Stormer's new album, Back to Back, we can find that the Limp Lizards also have a self-titled album which material is completely inédit since they are not featured in any episode as main characters nor have any supporting roles.

They also make minor appearances in the episodes In Stitches, A Change of Heart and Riot's Hope.




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