Last Resorts
Season 1, Episode 11
Jem 11 Last Resorts

Jem 11 Last Resorts

Air date August 30th, 1986
Written by Roger Slifer
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Last Resorts is the eleventh episode of the first season, and the 11th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Jem and The Holograms take a much-needed vacation to a Colorado ski resort owned by Rick Franklin, an old friend of Howard Sands. Mr. Franklin tells the Holograms that his resort is being threatened by another resort owned by Eric Raymond. Eric and the Misfits attempt to sabotage the resort in order to bankrupt Franklin so that he will sell it to Eric. Meanwhile, Rio and Swensen, a handsome ski instructor, face off in a contest for Jem's attentions. In order to settle the matter of which resort controls the mountain, the Holograms and the Misfits face off in a ski contest.

Songs featured


  • Kimber: This was the best idea ever if I do say so myself.
  • Shana: We didn't argue with the idea of taking a vacation.
  • Kimber: You didn't, but she did. (refers to Jem) She never wants to have any fun!

  • Pizzazz: Well, look who's here. Little Miss Pink Hair and the Sing-Alongs.

  • Kimber: (to Jem) What a hunk! If you don't want Swensen, sis, I'll take him.

  • Clash: You're about to come... (puts a hook onto Aja's belt) to the end of your rope, Aja.



  • During "Love Is Here", Kimber's lips turn red for a moment.
  • When Jem falls from the ski lift, Shana is holding her ski pole with her right hand and Jem is to her right. There is a commercial break and when the show resumes, Jem is shown to have fallen over the rail to Shana's left. But when Swensen and Rio go to save Jem, she has returned to her position at Shana's right.
  • Right after Jem shouts to Rio after she falls off the ski lift, both Kimber and Aja are shown to have red lips.
  • During the ski race, right before Clash starts the avalanche, she is shown to have an extra layer of blue hair on the bottom of her hair. Additionally, her rat-tail forelock is on the opposite side.
  • After The Misfits and Clash win the race, Clash's hair is completely pink.
  • Right after the bear knocks off Jem's earring, she had to resort using the other one; however, she was shown with both of them.