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Maybe you've been living under a rock, yank!
~ Jetta

Sheila Burns, better known by her stage name, Jetta, is the saxophonist and newest member of The Misfits. She joined the band when they were looking for something that would give them a new, edgier sound, and with it avoid being upstaged by The Holograms and their "Talent Search" contest.


Jetta is portrayed as a conceited liar, who claims to be related to British royalty, even though she is from a lower class family. Extremely perceptive and stuck-up, she almost immediately begins a rivalry with Roxy. She's also a skilled pickpocket.

As expected, she talks with an (sometimes exaggerated) English accent and when she talks to someone, she usually ends her sentences by adding the word "yank".


Jetta is originally from Wessex, England, and comes from a poor family. She first played with the group The Tinkerbillys, who came to the USA, although they were so obnoxious that
Tinker billys
they got kicked out of the country by the immigration department. She later met The Misfits while performing at a club in L.A. when the latter were looking for a new member (even though Roxy never approved of her). Stormer suddenly heard music, particularly a "powerful" saxophone, blaring in a seedy dance club. Pizzazz used her father's money and influence to get a resident card for Jetta.

Jetta's parents, Bertie and Flo, made an appearance in the episode Britrock, and, like their daughter, they are always ready to take part in any scheme, no matter how low, to make a quick buck.


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  • Louise Dorsey, Jetta's voice, was one of finalists auditioning for the role of Jetta. After hearing Louise's British voice over several Americans doing terrible cockney accents, Christy Marx picked her because she liked her the best.
  • Jetta is the second Misfit whose parents appeared in the series (the other being Pizzazz's father, Harvey Gabor).
  • Her belt is made of the same material that is used for the Smashin' Fashion, "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!".
  • Jetta's doll was not available in the UK.
  • Originally she was going to have a guitar.
  • She can play keyboard and guitar.
  • Originally, Christy Marx wanted a black Misfit to add diversity to the group, but that was considered offensive at the time. White Americans, British and Australians were considered suitable for villains, so then Jetta was to be British.
    • In the 2015 comics, Jetta was made black. She remained British though.
  • Jetta is portrayed by Mexican actress and singer Eiza González in the film adaptation.
  • Technically, Jetta would've been considered as an illegal immigrant since she didn't have the proper work papers, but Pizzazz's father was able to handle that.
  • Out of all the Misfits, Jetta is actually closer to Pizzazz.
  • Her stage name, Jetta, actually means 'jet black' which would be referring to her attire and hair color, as well as the color of her saxophone which is also black.
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