Userboxes are templates that are designed to be added to a user's userpage. To add userboxes to your user page, first you need the area to contain the userboxes in. This can be done by typing {{userboxes}} and {{userboxesend}}. Doing so will produce this:


Next, select userboxes from the following list and add them to the page. They must be placed between {{userboxes}} and {{userboxesend}}. All userboxes use the base userbox template, which you can see for information on creating userboxes.

To create your own userbox, use the code in the box at Template:Userbox (for advanced users) or the simpler version at Template:UserboxSimple

Adding Userboxes

To add a userbox to your user page, simply find it in the links below and then copy the code onto your user page. For example, placing {{Rocketman|opinion=|reason=}} on your user page - following with your opinion and reasons for that opinion, after the equal signs (e.g.: "is a" and "burning out his fuse up here alone") - will add this to it:

XP This user is a Rocketman burning out his fuse up here alone.

Whoever visits your user page will see that infobox on it. (note, Rocketman is a test userbox)

The use of open-ended opinions allows users to better express ideas on the subject, then just simple enthusiasm.


Due to technical reasons with the examples on this page, users will have to install the following code after the template name:


User Info

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Code Result
{{The Holograms}}
Jem This user {{{opinion}}} The Holograms {{{reason}}}.
Misfits 1 This user {{{opinion}}} The Misfits {{{reason}}}.


Code Result
Jem intro 1 This user {{{opinion}}} Jem {{{reason}}}.
{{Shana Elmsford}}
PP Shana This user {{{opinion}}} Shana Elmsford {{{reason}}}.
{{Aja Leith}}
PP Aja This user {{{opinion}}} Aja Leith {{{reason}}}.
{{Kimber Benton}}
PP Kimber This user {{{opinion}}} Kimber Benton {{{reason}}}.
Rayacartoon This user {{{opinion}}} Raya {{{reason}}}.
Ss This user {{{opinion}}} Synergy {{{reason}}}.
Cregine This user {{{opinion}}} Regine Cesaire {{{reason}}}.
Cap008 This user {{{opinion}}} Pizzazz {{{reason}}}.
Roxy4 This user {{{opinion}}} Roxy {{{reason}}}.
PP Stormer This user {{{opinion}}} Stormer {{{reason}}}.
Clash2 This user {{{opinion}}} Clash {{{reason}}}.
{{Eric Raymond}}
Eric This user {{{opinion}}} Eric Raymond {{{reason}}}.
Czipper This user {{{opinion}}} Zipper {{{reason}}}.
Techrat This user {{{opinion}}} Techrat {{{reason}}}.
Ashley This user {{{opinion}}} Ashley {{{reason}}}.
Ba nee This user {{{opinion}}} Ba Nee {{{reason}}}.
{{Laura Holloway}}
Laura This user {{{opinion}}} Laura Holloway {{{reason}}}.
Craig This user {{{opinion}}} Craig Phillips {{{reason}}}.


Code Result
Jem logo This user {{{opinion}}} the Jem cartoon {{{reason}}}.
Sez6pxbr128zw51rqsyf This user {{{opinion}}} the IDW comics {{{reason}}}.
Jem film poster This user {{{opinion}}} the Jem film {{{reason}}}.

Other Interests

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