Haven House air shot

Haven House is the place where Danse lives and helps runaway children. Her organization is administered in a similar manner as the Starlight Foundation, and the place shares some similarities with the Starlight Mansion in that its residents can find shelter and live there almost indefinitely, instead of being out on the streets.


We learn about Haven House when Video takes The Holograms there in order to meet a proficient ballerina named Danse. When they arrive, they find her doing a dance practice inside with the background music of Jem's hit song "When It's Only Me And The Music". Once presented, Danse asks them if they would be willing to make a concert to promote help for Haven House, and once they agree, both parties start doing their respective preparations for the grand event.


  • It is implied that Danse lives in Haven House and is the legal tutor of the children that live there.
  • We only meet one runaway kid, Danny, who after the events of The Music Awards (Part 2) became part of Haven House.
  • Jem and The Holograms perform a concert for Haven House instead of participating in the Music Awards.
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