This category lists those songs in the Jem animated series which have an official Spanish translated version. These were made by Pro&Post Productions in Mexico, between the years of 1988 and 1989. These episodes were only aired in Mexico; in all other Latin American countries, the episodes had dialogues in Spanish with the songs in English.

IGA dolls (Hasbro rights owner in Mexico) edited the cassettes which came with the dolls with the Spanish versions of the songs.

It's worth mentioning that the Spanish versions of the songs are, in many cases, notably shorter in length than their original English counterparts.


  • Jem: Sandra Gothelf (first voice), Maggie Vera (second voice)
  • Pizzazz: Marcela Mora
  • Chorus: Maggie Vera, Sandra Gothelf, Marcela Mora and Adolfo Cantú

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