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Ashley Larsen






Starlight Girls

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Cathianne Blore


"Handle with care, dummy."

Ashley Larsen is a character in the Jem animated series. She is one of the Starlight Girls, although one of the most prominent ones, having been given some main roles in a few episodes. She was also the first to befriend a Misfit.


Ashley was 13 years old at the beginning of the series. She is one of the oldest Starlight Girls and is portrayed as some sort of leader to them, as well as being the only one to be a fan of both The Holograms and The Misfits.

In the pilot episode, she stole from the Starlight Girls' honor jar, although she was caught red handed and forced to make amends.[1] Always rebellious, she found a way to travel along with the Misfits, but her love for them soon faded away when she realized Stormer was the only one who cared about her. When they witnessed a robbery and Jem was being blamed for it, both of them helped to clear her name.[2]

Stormer felt pity and developed a liking for Ashley when she was locked inside a trunk by Pizzazz and Roxy under Eric Raymond's orders. She nearly died as the trunk was being transported into a trash crusher, but thanks to Stormer's calling, she was ultimately saved by Rio.[3] After these events, Ashley and Stormer remained as friends.

Ashley dreams on becoming a rockstar like Jem or Pizzazz someday, and she, along with fellow Starlight Girls, Deirdre, Becky and Lela, formed a band they called Ashley and The Starlights. Together, they can be seen frequently practicing until that one big day when they finally hit the stage.

Besides her music aspirations, she was also shown to develop a liking for fashion designing. When the Holograms traveled to Italy to take part in a fashion contest, she managed to get inside one of their trunks and went along with them in an attempt to show her own designs.[4] She can also be seen learning fashion design and fabrics from Shana in the music video for the song "Take The Time".

While staying at Starlight Mansion, Dominic, Lena Lerner's son, heard them practice and rudely told them they stunk.[5] After that incident, we don't see the band anymore, although Deirdre could still be seen playing guitar in some shorts afterward.

Ashley was a roadie at one point for Jem and The Holograms while on a cross country tour. She was put in charge of guarding their equipment, responsibility which bothered her. When she decided to leave her post and things turned for the worse (thanks to the Misfits, nonetheless), she was soon accused of sabotage by Rio, although this was later proven to be false.


Ashley is normally depicted in yellow with pattern-themed shirts or pants. She has blue eyes and her hair is blond and styled in a punk-like fashion.


At the beginning of the series, Ashley was rebellious, childish and had quite of a temper, as well as seeming to prefer lying around rather than actually working. She can be slightly greedy at times and even tried to help the Misfits while she was traveling along with them, though not always willingly.

Ashley could sometimes act snobbish and seem to only care about herself, although her attitude gradually changed throughout the course of the series and, by the end, she became a really good and dependable person.

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